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Skrubba Cleaning Cloth

Skrubba Cleaning Cloth

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Skrubba To Scrub, The Ultimate Scrub Cloth Comes In A Variety Of Colors And Designs. No Two Are Alike. Multi-Purpose Scrub Cloth.

Use On Iron Sinks, Pots, Pans, Porcelain, Dishes, Stainless Steel, Fridge, Vegetables, Marble, Tiles, Paint, Glass, Stovetops, Hard Water Deposits, Grout, Garage, Auto, Boats, Camping And So Much More!

  • Multi-Surface Non Abrasive Eco-Friendly Long Lasting. 97% Cotton And 3% Water Based Coating.
  • Great Cleaning Scrubber For Use In The Bathroom, Kitchen, Camper And So Much More! Keep Handy In Several Areas.
  • The best cleaning cloth you'll ever own!
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