About Us

What started as a love for creating has turned into our business, and we’re excited to share it with you! 

Are you ready to experience another level of shopping that comes with a reward? You are at the right store where rewards are given to shoppers, and the shopping experience is fun-filled. At In The Making Gift Shop, we help create an outstanding experience and take social life to another great level of connectivity.

We are a store that allows all age bracket to experience the new waves with us and our rewards are top-notch. We allow participation, chances for a vote, and we compensate with the return of a cash price. Participate in our shopping, including home & décor, wellness, wearables & bags, candle & home fragrance, men’s product, and many more. 

Together, we have played with many different mediums including paint, wood, string, metal, hand stamped jewelry, wood signs, flower boxes, and more. The more we created and connected with others, the more we realized there are a lot of people who create some pretty amazing pieces using many
different items with no great way to display and sell their creations. 

With our store, shopping just got better with ease, quick shopping, smooth card trade, and many more that are mind-blowing. Aside from that, you get to enjoy affordable service, quality products, and events where fun-filled activities occur. 

Journey with us as we take you on a new ride of buying your desired goods at affordable prices. We deliver joy and reward; patronize us today! 

We envision a unique small town gift shop specializing in hand crafted merchandise for our town. 

Thanks for stopping! We hope you enjoy!