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Guess Who Board Game

Guess Who Board Game

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The classic game of Guess Who is back, just the way you remember!

Set up the game by sliding the character cards into the frames and then attaching the frames to the two plastic game boards so they both have the same characters.

Then, pick a playing card at random and fit it into your game board so your opponent can't see.

It's time to guess who!

Taking turns, each player asks the other a yes or no question to try and narrow down the characteristics of the other player's character.

"Does your person have yellow hair?" - "No!" - Flip down all the characters who have yellow hair.

"Is your person wearing a hat?" - "Yes!" - Flip down all the characters who aren't wearing hats!

Keep whittling away at the characters until finally you think you know who it is. The first person to guess their opponent's character correctly wins the game!

But be careful - If you guess wrong, you lose.

With wacky characters designed exactly like the originals, plus multiple, challenging ways to play, Guess Who brings the excitement of your childhood to the play world of today.
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